Yoga makes me feel great! And I want it to make you feel great too. I completed my 200 Hour Training in December 2012, and my 500 Hour Training in July 2015. And I really feel like the training never stops. It kind of takes the pressure off, knowing that we will never live long enough to learn all there is to know about this incredible practice. So far, I have studied, Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin, and Prenatal Yoga.

If you want to take a class with me, you can check out my schedule below and drop in for any ol' class you like. Or, if you are in a bigger body and want to explore the practice with modifications specific to your shape, join me for one of my Full Bodied Yoga workshops (check the class schedule for upcoming dates). They are delightful, if I do say so myself! Wherever you are in your life and no matter how out of shape you might think you are, yoga will help you settle in and connect with your breath. And if you struggle in this area like I did, it will eventually connect you with and give you a deep appreciation for your amazing body.