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You did it!

So… 2018 is done, folks. It’s officially done!   

Here we all stand at that fork in the road that is a shiny new year. If there were a signpost at my fork, it would have one arrow pointing down the very well worn path of new years resolutions (lose weight, do a handstand, learn 12 languages, be perfect and then act surprised when people start to notice that you've become perfect this year, etc). It reads "Shiny new life...this way!". I've been down this road many, many times. How could I not? I can almost see the amazing smug Helen at the other end of it. She's put together and always on time. Yoga every day. The laundry basket never gets overly full. She's always got a home cooked healthy meal ready and she's read a thousand books in her spare time (no trashy ones, of course) but I digress! This potential Helen is a wonder to behold my friends. Problem is...she's not me. She's never going to be me, and what a freaking load off that is! 

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